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The builder or repairer of trailers has a choice between braked and un-braked hubs. Trailers with a gross weight up to an including 750kgs gross are not required to have brakes but running gear with braked hubs can be supplied if required for trailers below 750kgs gross weight.
Trailers up to 3500kgs gross are fitted with inertia or over-run brakes. All brakes for road trailers are required to have an auto-reverse function and the coupling must have an energy store fitted to ensure the brakes remain engaged at all times.

We can supply un-braked hubs including bearings, wheel nuts, spare studs or bolts (depending upon the application) and hub caps.

One of the most popular is the HG505 hub. It comes complete with hub cap, taper roller bearings, wheel studs and nuts. The PCD is 4" and the studs are 3/8" in diameter. Used for trailers up to 750kgs gross weight. It is used with 400 x 8 and 500 x 10 wheel and tyre combinations. Please see the section on axles and suspension for suitable units.