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We can supply trailers from the extensive range produced by Bateson Trailers. They have a range of over 100 types of trailer and have been making trailers since 1934. Examples of their range appear below. They are fitted with Avonride rubber suspension and are galvanised fully.

Platform trailer fitted with double dropside kit. 2000kgs gross weight. The range extends from 2000kgs to 3500kgs and such extras as mesh side kit and slide out steel ramps are available. Sizes are from 8' x 5' to 16' x 7'6". Longer sizes are available to special order


10' x 6' tilt deck plant trailer with ramp. Ideal for loading machinery with low ground clearance



A 6' x 4' version of the twin axle trailer shown above. Towable behind smaller vehicles and suitable for garden machinery and similar items with small wheels and low clearance                                                 


This is the 520/720 model. Unbraked and a very versatile little trailer. 7' long by 4' wide. It is available either as a single axle at 550kgs gross (The 520) or, as shown, at 750 kgs with twin axles. It is shown with the optional extras of ramp tailgate and mesh side and front kit. It can be fitted with just the ramp in place of the drop tail gate or with the complete mesh kit and ramp.       

This range starts at 5' x 3'. They are all unbraked. The 5' x 3' has a gross weight of 550 kgs. The model shown is the B84 model at 8 x 4, in this case fitted with the optional mesh side kit and ramp tail. Again, it can have just the ramp or the ramp and mesh kit. Gross weight of the larger models is 750kgs. Sizes are 6' x 4', 8' x 4' or 8' x 5' . A range of options which includes rear prop stands, ladder rack or full mesh kit is available. Both the 8' x 4' and 8' x 5' can carry 8 x 4 sheets of material laid flat.


This is one of their tilt-deck models. Fitted with optional drop sides and at 3500kgs gross weight.  Extras such as electric winches are available                                                                                                                                                                                       


There is a range of General Purpose trailers available. Wheels on the outside for a low floor. Sizes start at 6' x 4' and 8' x 4' with single axle or the twin axle versions of 8' x 4', 8 ' x 5', 10' x 5', 10' x 6' and the biggest at 12' x 6'. Gross weights of 1300 kgs for the 6' x 4'  

There is an extensive range of livestock trailers. This is the smallest in the range. 6' x 4', braked and 1300kgs gross weight. Side access door, spare wheel as standard.


In the twin axle range the sizes vary from  8' x 5', 9' x 5', 10' x 5' and a wider one at 10' x 5' 8". A high roof option is available. There is a twin axle version with wheels under the floor and a demountable body enabling the trailer to be used to carry such items as hay and straw and machinery etc.


There are also two livestock trailers available to be towed by tractors. Gross weights of 8000kgs and 1000kgs. The livestock body can be removed to enable dual use.