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Our most popular trailer is a 3000 KG gross weight car transporter. It has a fully boarded floor which gives it greater flexibility for carrying items other than cars. When hired for moving cars it is supplied with all the lashing straps required. However, just because it was designed to carry cars has not stopped it from being used to carry a variety of items such as roof tiles, log cabins etc

We have small trailers available for camping and general use. The camping trailer is 5' x 3' with 18" sides and has a waterproof cover. There is also a 6' x 4' trailer for general use. Our stock does change so please call to discuss your requirements. There is a 1300 kg gross weight 8' x 5'4" trailer with ramp tail suitable for carrying ride on mowers and motorcycles.

If you passed your driving test before 1998 you will have the B+E extension on your driving licence. If you passed your test after that date you will either have to pass the towing test or limit your activities to towing trailers with a maximum combination weight of 3500kg. i.e. your vehicle and trailer together must not exceed 3500kg gross weight.

Your towing vehicle should be fitted with a standard 50mm tow ball and 7 pin electric plug. If you have a car fitted with a 13pin European style socket we can supply an adaptor for a small charge. The top of the tow ball should not exceed 17" from the ground. 4x 4 vehicles and some pickups will need to be checked for this. Hirers are responsible for ensuring the electrics on their tow vehicle are in working order.

Identification. We require hirers to bring their driving licence, which must show their current address and another proof of address such as a utility bill. The hirer should remember to bring a number plate. Trailer hire will require a deposit and this does vary according to the trailer. The hire charge is payable at the time of hire and is not deducted from the deposit at the end of the period of hire.

PLEASE NOTE. As the result of many individuals who have booked a trailer for hire and then not bothered to turn up or had the courtesy to cancel the booking by telephone we have decided that ALL bookings will require a booking deposit. This will be taken by debit (not credit) card over the telephone at the time the trailer is booked. The minimum will be £20 and this will be deducted from the total hire cost when the trailer is hired.